Americans may not be working harder than ever, but it sure seems like we are working more than ever.

A new survey has found that Americans received 14 days of vacation last year, but used only 10. Considering there are 144 million people in the US with jobs that comes out to more than 577 million unused vacation days.

And when we do go on vacation, we don’t always totally check out. That’s because 68% say they check in with the office.

Out of the two dozen countries studied, the French set the standard in taking vacation days – they used all 30 they are allotted. Surprisingly, 90% of French people with jobs say they are vacation deprived, which will clearly do wonders when it comes to our opinion of them.

Japan and Italy are the countries where people are most in need of some R&R – both fail to use eight vacation days a year.

When people do get to take some time off, where do they go? The beach is far and away the top choice. Eighteen countries chose that as the top destination.