Figuring out what makes someone sexy is no laughing matter.

Or is it?

Valentine's Day is just about here, so if you're still single, you may want to know just what a potential mate is trying to find.

In a survey of more than 2,000 people who were asked what makes someone sexy, good sense of humor checked in as the number one quality, with 73% of respondents claiming it’s a sexy trait. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s more evidence money can’t buy happiness, since only 6% of people claim being wealthy is sexy.

1. Good sense of humor – 73%
2. Treats family and friends well – 67%
3. Physically fit body – 53%
4. Cares about giving to others – 52%
5. Attractively dressed – 44%
6. Is wealthy – 6%

Among women , 78% say treating family and friends well is a sexy quality, making it the top choice, slightly ahead of the 75% who chose good sense of humor, echoing previous studies . And if you can believe it, good sense of humor was the top choice among men, at 72%, followed by the 62% who said a physically fit body was sexy.

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