Ladies, if you've come to expect chocolate cravings around your time of the month, they may be all in your head -- new research indicates there could be no biological basis for them.

In a small study, Louisiana State University researchers worked with college students at various stages of their menstrual cycles and found the women were no more likely to crave chocolate -- or eat more of it -- during the days leading up to their period than they were on other days.

So what about previous studies whose findings stated the exact opposite?

Researchers say that unlike the recent work, earlier studies may have included women with eating disorders, which could've skewed the results. In addition, while the new study asked women about current cravings, past studies often asked participants to recall prior cravings.

Regardless, since the Louisiana State research only included 35 women, the researchers said that more work is necessary to "determine the role of food cravings in response to emotions across the menstrual cycle."

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