As the outrage over the death of teenager Trayvon Martin continues, film director Spike Lee has had to issue an apology for a tweet he posted in relation to the case.

Lee retweeted a missive to his 250,000 Twitter followers that he thought revealed the address of Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, who's currently in hiding. Only the address wasn't Zimmerman's at all -- it belonged to an elderly couple with a son whose middle name is George and whose last name is Zimmerman, but has no connection to the controversy.

As a result, David and Elaine McClain say they've been threatened, gotten hate mail, and been bombarded by media inquiries from reporters. It's gotten so bad that they've had to leave their Orlando, Fla. home and move into a hotel. "It's almost like we're the fugitives in this case, and we haven't done anything," Mrs. McClain told CNN.

But regardless, the McClains are still pretty upset. They've hired a lawyer but aren't seeking money -- Mr. McClain said he just wants his life to return "to a rational state."


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