Every since Carly Jepson replaced Rebecca Black's annoyingly catchy "Friday" with the equally mind-numbing "Call Me Maybe," mostly everyone has been humming the tune and re-watching her music video for the um-teenth time. But if you're like us (that is, hot guy obsessed), then you've only got one question on your mind: Who is that shirtless guy from the "Call Me Maybe" music video?

Ok, ready to have your mind blown?

His name is Holden Nowell and he's actually not the boy-next-door type.

Though he is a working male model with a campaign for designer Frankie Morello under his belt, his rapper alter ego (no, you're not having a seizure, you read that right. Again, his "rapper alter ego") H da 6'Trey looks more like a wannabe Eminem impersonator than anything else. But who are we to judge? Apparently, he's a pretty decent performer.

Oh, we almost forgot about the detail we all want clarified -- he might have played a gay man in the "Call Me Maybe" music video, but he's actually straight and has a girlfriend in real life. It's a loss for both sides.

Still there's no harm in window shopping, so take a look at some of our favorite Holden Nowell pics below.

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Re-Watch Holden Nowell Take His Top Off in Carly Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" Video