Life-threatening experiences have a way of forcing us to re-assess our priorities and making us realize what's truly important.

For Sean Kingston, who endured a battery of surgeries after nearly dying in a jetski accident over Memorial Day weekend, what matters most is getting back to his musical roots.

"“I’m going back in with my producer J.R. [Rotem], who did really big records for me. I’m going back to the whole reggae, island-pop thing," Kingston told MTV during a recent interview, explaining that he expects to get to work on his next album as soon as possible.

"I haven’t lost no memory; I think I’m even better at writing and stuff," Kingston said, brushing off concerns that his accident might have affected his creativity. "Being in the hospital, having all this time off, I’ve been writing and coming up with different ideas. I’m ready to go... The world needs to know what I’m coming with, ’cause I’m coming with straight heat. I’ve been down. I’ve been in the house coming up with ideas."

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