It's been a roller coaster ride for Scotty McCreery ever since he won 'American Idol.' And now, the season 10 winner is filming his first-ever video for the single 'I Love You This Big.' McCreery recently spoke to 'Access Hollywood' and gave a preview of the upcoming video, reported PopCrush.

"This is pretty insane. I mean, really. All the hard work that's been put into this and now I'm sitting here doing my first music video. And it's just a really cool thing to finally be here," he said in disbelief.

In a short clip from the video, McCreery can be seen singing onstage in front of an audience on folding chairs. "This is going to be kind of a ... summertime barbeque, kind of like a community thing on the fourth of July," he said.

McCeery said that his new-found fame sometimes prevents him from regular activities. "It's tough for me to go to McDonald's anymore," he said, adding that he's often asked to take photos and give an autograph. "It's really cool for me, though. It's nice to be able to go out there and see the fans that supported me my whole way through 'Idol.'"

In particular, McCreery, who's single, said he's having difficulty adjusting to the adoration of female fans. "It's still weird for me to get used to that because it wasn't like that before the show ever happened. I promise you," he said.

Winning the singing competition has its perks, though, since McCreery was able to meet his idol Keith Urban. They met in an unlikely place - at the bathroom at the CMC Music Awards. "I had to go to the bathroom like any human being does and I walked in ... and I heard some guy singing in there," said McCreery. "And out walks Keith Urban."

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