You might not think selling a soft drink during a school lunch period is that big of an issue, but the truth is it could cost a school thousands of dollars.

Just ask Davis High School officials in Utah. They were just fined $15,000 because their vending machines were set up to allow students to purchase soft drinks during their lunch periods.

This is a problem since federal law strictly prohibits the sale of carbonated beverages during school lunch periods.

The idea behind this federal mandate is to cut down on the nation’s obesity rate and make children eat healthier food during lunch.

According to Davis High Principal Dee Burton, the rule is vague and open to interpretation.

For example, the way the rule reads -- you can buy before lunch starts a carbonated beverage, buy school lunch, sit down in the cafeteria, eat the school lunch and not be in violation. You can sell Snickers and Milkyway bars because they have nuts and they're nutritious. You can't sell licorice, but you can sell ice-cream.

Burton also says that getting rid of, and or turning off, vending machines is a nice idea, but for students making adult decisions they want their sugar fix.

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