We've been waiting for the next hot commercial guy to succeed Mr. Isaiah Mustafa because, frankly, Terry Crews is just not cutting it for us. But thankfully the wait is over and the newest sexy thing to hit the ad world is the mouthwatering Sauza Tequila fireman Thomas Beaudoin.

Watch Sauza Tequila's 'Make It With a Fireman' Commercial

This man comes to us with a modeling background and a batch of sexy Ray-Ban ads. However, he's not here to teach men how to look cool in a pair of shades. He wants to teach them exactly how to please a woman --by  making her a frozen margarita shirtless while wearing fireman suspenders and stroking an adorable kitten. As he says, "Kittens make everything better." Well, it's not your kitten that we're staring at, Mr. Beaudoin.

[via Zap2It]

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