If you follow professional sports even a little bit, you have heard the name Roger Goodell. The NFL commissioner has been hailed as both a hero and a villain for the sport.  It's been a tough two years for Roger Goodell. He made some enemies when he took on the issue of player safety and made even more during the 2011 lockout. Now, he's under fire for reportedly mistreating some of the New Orleans Saints players because of the NFL bounty scandal.

In terms of running the league, Goodell is still pretty new, only having taken over in 2006. Major League Baseball's Bud Selig has been running things since 1992, and David Stern has been handling things in the NBA since 1984. Each one has their faults, but no one seems to come under fire more than Goodell.

Perhaps it's because America loves its football, or maybe he just hasn't made all the right moves. The question is, how long will he last as the commish.

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