No means no -- on a date and when it comes to telemarketing.

Auto-dialed, pre-recorded phone calls to cell phones and mobile devices are illegal. That is, unless you actually consent to receiving marketing messages.

Despite the fact that it's against the law, some companies continue to make these robocalls, even when they are told to stop. Due to this annoyance, a Michigan man received $65,500 in compensation after suing a robocalling company that made 56 calls to his cell phone over a two-month period.

The calls violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the state's Collection Practices Act. Of course, the robocaller attested that it had been given clearance to dial the number, but the plaintiff argued the calls continued when he asked the company to stop. He was awarded $500 per call, plus triple damages for each call made after he alerted the business to the error.

See, those do-not-call lists really d0 work.

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