After a Boston sports blogger caused a frenzy late last week when he posted a picture that featured Tom Brady's toddler in the buff on a Costa Rican beach, Massachusetts State Police reportedly went to his home to request that it be taken down. David Portnoy of the Barstool Sports blog agreed to remove it, though he didn't agree with the nature of the request.

“I obviously still stand by the fact I had every right to do everything I did, but I’m not looking to make cops jobs more difficult that it already is so I complied,” he wrote in a post on Monday. “I went with my gut and my gut said just make it easy on everybody at this point.”

Portnoy was the subject of much derision and backlash from objectors for his decision, not only for putting up the photo but also for the inappropriate tone he used in the post. Portnoy went to "creepytown," as one blogger put it.

Is Portnoy's behavior obviously reprehensible, or have we overreacted a tad to this situation?