Robbery 101: before you try to shake down a public establishment, make sure no one there is armed. That's what two would-be thieves in Florida learned the hard way last weekend.

On Friday night, Davis G. Dawkins and Duwayne Henderson, both 19, stormed into the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, brandishing a gun and a baseball bat. They yelled at the patrons not to move, but Samuel Williams was having none of that.

The 71-year-old pulled out a gun of his own and began firing at the thugs. Surveillance tape shows Dawkins and Henderson rather comically falling all over each other as they made a hasty getaway, with Williams continuing to show them just how much crime doesn't pay.

The teens were arrested hours later and charged with attempted armed robbery with a firearm and felony criminal mischief. Williams, who has a concealed weapons permit for his .380-caliber handgun, isn't expected to face charges.

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