We still have a week to wait for the Pistol Annies' debut, but the hot new country trio is taking the edge off the wait by offering advance streams of five songs from the album.

The first track, 'Bad Example,' is up now, exclusively at Entertainment Weekly.

As you might guess given the title, 'Bad Example' offers more of the rowdy spirit the Annies displayed on their first single, 'Hell on Heels.' The song's protagonist knows she's up to no good, but why waste time with regret?

"Those swanky big brick houses don’t amuse me / I live in a trailer but I drive a Cadillac / I ain’t never tried to impress nobody / With my 'honk if you’re horny' sticker on the back," explains one verse. The chorus tells the rest of the story: "Somebody had to set a bad example / Teach all the prim-and-propers what not to do / Nobody round here wants to ramble / What the hell, that’s what I was born to do."

The Annies will preview four more songs over the next four days, via their site and exclusive partners like EW -- and if that isn't enough to get you excited about the album, they're also giving away passes to a meet-and-greet with the ladies.


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