Kris Connor, Getty Images


Pia Toscano declares her independence from a guy who did her wrong in her debut video 'This Time.'

During the song, the 22-year-old former 'American Idol' contestant delivers a forceful kiss-off, declaring, "I'm mad as hell/I ain't gon' take it no more." She vows to pick herself up and resume her life without him, singing, "This time, this time I’m gonna do it my way/This time, I’m finding out the hard way/This time, I’m gonna go back to the girl I was on the night you found me."

The video features Toscano alone in a variety of settings, including driving a car, in a field, at the seashore and on a dark street. The song spotlights the powerful voice that many thought could make her last season's 'American Idol' winner until her shockingly unexpected ninth-place finish and abrupt elimination.

'This Time' is the first single from Toscano's upcoming album, which she's recording with a number of collaborators, including producer Rodney Jerkins.

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