After almost a year after recovering from concussion-like symptoms, Pittsburgh Penguins' star Sidney Crosby will reportedly return to the ice on Monday against the New York Islanders. While no one hit knocked Crosby out, he suffered severe blows to the head last January that sidelined the 2007 MVP ever since.

His long rehab had some wondering if Crosby would ever play again. The Penguins have fared well without their team leader, sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings.

In the wake of Crosby's injury, the NHL is now trying to police head shots more. This is something members of Hockey Canada are also looking into due to the recent death of a 16-year-old hockey player from a puck shot.

“A guy’s got to be responsible with his stick, why shouldn’t he be responsible with the rest of his body when he’s going to hit someone?” he said. “Whether it’s accidental or not accidental, you’ve got to be responsible out there.”

Check out the severe hits that sidelined Crosby, below:

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