Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is usually sweet and funny, like all the 1D boys. But such is not the case when the tabloid media, which often drives publicity for British acts, meddles in his personal and familial business. The singer was not amused when The Sunday Mirror interviewed his long-lost father, Troy Austin, so he issued a responsorial tweet that told the paper to, well, eff off.

The Mirror published a chat with Mr. Austin, who said, "I know people will think I’m only interested in being part of his life again because he’s rich and famous. But it’s not about that. I’m his dad. We’re flesh and blood and nothing can change that. I’m so proud of him I could burst. I would love to see him again and have a proper relationship with him. What dad wouldn’t? But it’s up to him."

Apparently, L.T. doesn't care about his about his dad's wishes and is equally perturbed at the paper for giving him a platform to air their personal matters.

He issued this R-rated tweet to The Mirror, and thanked 1D fans for their loyalty.