The demise of the Big 12 now appears closer than ever after officials at the University of Oklahoma on Monday gave OU President David Boren the green light to consider a potential move to the Pac-12. Regents at the University of Texas also met and granted UT President Bill Powers the authority to consider other options, although any move would still have to be approved by the UT regents.

It appears, however, the Sooners already have one foot out the door. In his comments after the regents' meeting, Boren said the only two options he is currently considering are the Pac-12 or a revitalized Big 12 in which all schools share television revenue equally. With Texas’ repeated insistence on maintaining the Longhorn Network, it appears unlikely they would agree to such a radical restructuring of the Big 12’s finances.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has said that the conference is not looking to expand, but would consider its options if other schools apply for membership.  The Pac-12 added Utah and Colorado last summer.

Texas A&M has already announced its plans to leave the Big 12 for the SEC, although that move is being held up by a potential legal threat from Baylor and other current Big 12 members. If Oklahoma or Texas leaves, it would almost certainly mean the end of the Big 12.

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