OK, I don't mean to speak negatively about someone who just had a bad car accident -- but this recent news about David Allan Coe got me to thinking about my one and only encounter with him.

First, let me say I'm glad he is okay, and I'm happy he seems to be recovering well.

Now, the night in question took place at the world-famous Billy Bob's Texas. I was backstage, being prepped to introduce David and bring him onstage. I was horrified as I was instructed how and when to exit the stage -- they had mapped it to where our paths wouldn't cross.

The really crazy part was all the demands his manager made on the staff at Billy Bob's. I sat there laughing as I heard things like, if any air from the AC hits David onstage, he will come unglued and walk off. They were instructed to tape off the vents to ensure this wouldn't be a problem.

There's much more that I wouldn't be comfortable talking about, ever -- let alone in my blog. Ha! Let's just say it was an experience I will never forget!

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