It's an on-field fight that baseball fans haven't let go of since 1993, and now Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura will face off again... from the sidelines.

Ventura, who recently took over as manager of the Chicago White Sox, will be in Texas from April 6-8 to face the Rangers next season. Ryan, of course, is the Rangers president. While it seems like a prime opportunity to relive the fight, the Rangers have already put out word that the stadium won't air the infamous brawl between the then-players.

"Well, I think out of fairness to Robin and out of respect to him, I think we probably shouldn't show that when he's in town," Ryan asserted during a radio interview. The team has traditionally used the clip to rile up the crowd at home games.

This "classy" gesture might put a damper on the excitement, but it goes a long way to mending fences. At the same time, though, some wonder if Ventura deserves the ridicule for initiating it by charging the mound during that 1993 game.

Re-live the action, below: