So, now not only can you be a night owl, you can record what you see as well.

The Night Vision Camera app lets you take photos of anything you want without light: that raccoon in the trashcan, the weird statue at night, even the rock you just tripped over because you decided to hike up a mountain in the dark.

Made by Fingersoft, the Night Vision Camera app gives your phone the ability to go infrared. Do you need this? If you are a spy, yes. If you are re-enacting a scene from 'Alias,' yes. If you just want to take weird looking pictures, obviously yes.


  • Light sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Clarity (for infrared) is fairly good
  • Flash control
  • Ability to take photos in lighted situations as well
  • Free


  • The image orientation can be funky, especially on tablets
  • Can sometimes be twitchy with the quality of the picture, depending on the amount of light available
  • The zoom can cause fuzziness in the photo, especially when light is at very low levels


Night Vision Camera is a great app to have when you want to take pictures at a bonfire on the beach. It's also just a fun way to make weird-looking pictures. In the end, it's an amusing addition to any smartphone or tablet.

Night Vision Camera app is available to download for Android platforms.


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