Airplane food isn't exactly cuisine reserved for the discerning palette, but it gets the job done. However, you might want to think twice before noshing on plane food and not because of nutritional concerns.

For the second time this summer, it's become dangerous. A passenger on an Air Canada flight bound for Toronto from Victoria discovered a sewing needle in a pre-packaged sandwich on Monday. Delta experienced a similar situation earlier this year, when needles were found on sandwiches leaving Amsterdam.

"Safety is always our top priority so we are taking this matter very seriously," Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said via email. "We immediately contacted the caterers that provision our flights, and a full investigation is under way."

Air Canada did not disclose who its caterer is, only saying, "We are working closely with our caterers to ensure heightened security measures have been put in place." It is not known if the same caterer is used by Delta and Air Canada.

Similar incidents have not been reported by Air Canada.

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