If you have trouble sticking to a workout routine or a diet, having your loved ones nag you to get fit may actually be the first step in whipping yourself into shape .

Researchers at Britain's University of Lincoln researchers looked at the relationship between social influences and levels of physical activity in adults ages 30 to 60. The study found that the least active people actually appreciate being cajoled by their spouses and kids and invited to do something active with them,

A participant of the study summed it up perfectly, saying, "We might be sat comfortable, reading or something, and my wife might say 'Let's go and do something.' And when I'm at the crossroads, 50:50, I need that." Sometime all it takes is a little push from someone who cares.

The study also found that the common barriers to physical activity are things like work, long commutes and provision of facilities. However, having someone in your inner circle prod you along aids in breaking that habit of malaise. It also suggested that once someone becomes active and healthy, they no longer require that push or nagging.

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