When you're naming a baby or a new company, you might not think about which hand it'll take to type the letters to spell it -- but researchers say you should.

Scientists at the University College London and the New School for Social Research in New York found people using standard QWERTY keyboards tend to have warmer feelings about words typed on the right side. Conversely, words typed with the left hand can elicit more negative emotions.

This held true even if the words were made up. For example, typing "plook" -- an exclusively right-hand word -- made people happier than typing left-hand-only words like “red” or “saw."

So why do we react so positively to right-hand words? It might be tied to letter placement. Since the right side of a standard keyboard has only 11 letters and the left has 15, words on the left are simply harder to type.

But regardless of reason, the researchers note, “People responsible for naming new products, brands and companies might do well to consider the potential advantages of consulting their keyboards and choosing the 'right' name.”

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