Have you all seen that ad for Voskos yogurt, yet? You may not have realized it was actually for yogurt. We sure didn't. All we could see was the naked man before we suddenly got a craving for yogurt and ran to the refrigerator (kidding... kind of).

The only question we had, though, was, "Who are you Mr. Naked Man?"

Turns out this hunk of man is named Stefan Pinto, and he didn't always look this good. He used to be 60 pounds overweight a few years ago, but then he started a hardcore diet and exercise regime and now he's an acclaimed fitness expert and model.

Pinto is also revolutionizing the way people lose weight through Facebook. By following the Stefan Pinto Facebook C Diet, dieters are tracking their progress by uploading pictures of their bodies to Facebook and getting motivational support from the online community. Think this has a chance of replacing Jenny Craig?

First things first, though, we need to get us some yogurt -- stat!

[via WKDQ]