Talk about discriminating.

The Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, Georgia recently got into hot water after it refused to let a wheelchair-bound 11-year-old girl enter, claiming the wheels on her chair would dirty the carpeting.

Lexi Haas is battling Kernicterus, a rare brain condition that damages the nervous and neurological system, rendering her incapable of doing just about anything physical.

Her family made the trip from Charlotte for a weekend of fun, but things went horribly wrong when the museum turned her away.

An employee told Lexi’s father, Stephen, her wheels would dirty the carpeting and didn’t back down even after he claimed his shoes were just as dirty as the wheels. Staff said Lexi could use one of its wheelchairs, but her condition prevents from sitting in a standard wheelchair. The museum then said the family could come in, while Lexi was invited to watch a video outside.

The whole family left and the museum has since written a letter of apology for the episode, claiming an employee misunderstood the guidelines for dealing with anyone in a wheelchair.

There are no plans for a lawsuit, with Lexi’s parents instead wishing the story serves as a reminder about the proper way to treat disabled people.

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