Valentine’s Day is upon us, so if you’d like to find the most romantic place to take that special someone, you might be surprised to find out just where in the US that is.

Redbox has created a list of the most and least romantic cities in the US, based on how many romance-related releases were rented in 2012. (Try saying that 10 times!).

Europe may have Paris, but the US has...Marquette, Michigan? Yup, Marquette topped the list as the most romantic city in this great land of ours. It finished ahead of Greenville, North Carolina. And maybe there's something in all that cheese because Wisconsin is really feeling the love. It placed four cities in the top 10.

Romance is dead in Texas, however. Laredo came in as the least romantic city in America, ahead of fellow Lone Star State representative Midland. Texas sure needs to find its sensitive side – seven of the top least-romantic cities were all there, while the other three were in California.


1. Marquette, Michigan
2. Greenville, North Carolina
3. La Crosse, Wisconsin
4. Ames, Iowa
5. Greensboro, North Carolina
6. Grand Rapids / Kalamazoo, Michigan
7. Wausau, Wisconsin
8. Madison, Wisconsin
9. Green Bay, Wisconsin
10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa


1. Laredo, Texas
2. Midland, Texas
3. El Centro, California
4. Victoria, Texas
5. Odessa, Texas
6. McAllen, Texas
7. Houston, Texas
8. Bakersfield, California
9. Fresno, California
10. Beaumont, Texas

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