A good resume can get your foot in the door, but a bad one can get that same door shut in your face so hard you get splinters in your face.

Aside from loading up on your accomplishments and using active words to show you're a leader, there's a very basic tenet to remember: make sure you spell correctly. Yes, it sounds simple, but job site Bright.com recently analyzed one million resumes to find the most commonly misspelled words.

  • principles
  • dianostic
  • voulunter
  • assiating
  • apllying
  • resently
  • assembeld
  • proffitts
  • childen
  • mainteance
  • efficently
  • prepration
  • distict
  • excessivly
  • judjement
  • spectrometery
  • schuele
How do you spell 'success?' By not making these errors, of course. Good luck on the job hunt.

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