Tornadoes and thunderstorms rampaged through the Midwest today, killing several people in Illinois and leaving a path of destruction.

The total number of those killed by the storm has not yet been determined, though major outlets report at least four dead.

The storms struck in the early-to-mid afternoon and appeared to strike hardest in central Illinois.

The little town of Washington, Ill. was among the communities hardest hit, Fox News reported. “The entire town of Washington is devastated,” Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) told Fox News.

CNN reported that at least 70 houses were destroyed and one person was killed in Washington. Hospitals in nearby Peoria treated some of those injured.

NBC news also reported a death in Brookport, Ill., on the Kentucky state line. Also among those killed were an elderly couple who lived in a farmhouse in Nashville, Ill (also in southern Illinois, nearly 200 miles from Washington), NBC reported.

The storms stretched across the Midwest from Illinois to Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Wind gusts of up to 70 miles were reported in Chicago, where Sunday's NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens was delayed for two hours.

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