Merle Haggard suffered a bit of a health scare over the weekend, when an illness forced him to cancel a show in Ft. Worth, Texas and sent him briefly to the hospital.

Fans of the 74-year-old country legend can rest easy, however, because he's heading home to California, and although his spokesperson didn't say what put him under the weather, the short length of Haggard's hospital stay has to be taken as a good sign.

Of course, Haggard is no stranger to hospitals. Just three years ago, he underwent treatment for lung cancer. In a statement announcing his upcoming album, 'Working in Tennessee,' though, he made sure to mention,  he's feeling better than ever. "I’m swinging back in full throttle right now. Music keeps me alive. It makes me breathe better," he said. "It’s funny, but I feel better when I come off a tour than when I start out."

'Working in Tennessee,' featuring nine new Haggard originals and two Johnny Cash covers, is due October 4.

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