With the performance-enhancing scandal looming over Major League Baseball, it’s nice to hear a story of a player whose character can't be questioned.

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp recently gave each one of his teammates Mixr headphones, worth $249.95 apiece. That’s 24 teammates, which means he coughed up roughly $6,200.

Once considered to be baseball’s next superstar, Kemp has slogged through a disappointing season so far, hitting .254 with only four home runs through the first half. He’s also had two runs on the DL.

Kemp was once lauded for his all-around play, but it seems that’s eclipsed by his all-around generosity. Earlier this year, he gave away a good chunk of his uniform to a sick fan, which he flew on his own dime to a game. He also donated a quarter of a million dollars to help tornado recovery efforts in his native Oklahoma.

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