Tonight, USA will air the summer finale of 'White Collar' - sad news for fans of the show, who will now have to endure a few painful months without Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and the team's crazy antics.

Oh, who are we kidding? We're mostly sad because USA is taking away our weekly dose of the show's star, Matt Bomer, who is so hunky, it's pretty much criminal.

This 33-year-old from Spring, Texas, has played the TV game before, with roles on everything from 'Guiding Light' to the short-lived 'Traveler' and 'Tru Calling.' But it wasn't until he landed the lead role on 'White Collar' that he became a true household name.

Now, fans get to see Bomer, who is a bit like Clark Kent-meets-Jon Hamm, con his way out of crazy situations week after week, and with looks this good, we're more than willing to root for the bad boy.

Not a fan of 'White Collar'? Check out some photos of Matt Bomer below. We're pretty sure you'll be watching the show in no time.