Bruce Berry is a both a renaissance man and a lollipop man -- the latter being British slang for a crossing guard. He has 11 advanced degrees, a completed Ph.D. and another doctorate in the works.

He took an early retirement from the post office in 2002 so that he could study more. With all those academic degrees, why is he helping school kids cross the street, besides their need to get to the other side?

According to the BBC, Berry needed to finance his tuition and education, so he went back to work.

The school children are quite fond of Berry, with one student saying, "He's nice and kind and I don't how he gets across the road without getting hit." Perhaps Berry himself could answer such a question if any of his degrees are in philosophy or physics.

Berry, who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which fuels his studies, also speaks Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and French. His course of study is chosen almost arbitrarily. He said, "I like to keep an open mind - anything which catches my interest, I go for it."

He also claims to seek out new subjects when there is something he doesn’t know and wants to learn it.


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