While 'Prometheus' left us with many unanswered questions -- the main one being, "WTF?" especially if you only saw the movie 'cause no one would go with your boyfriend -- the one thing that's kept in our minds is that opening scene with the six-packed alien "Engineer" who sacrifices himself to begin a new life cycle.

Don't judge us, but we kind of thought this extra terrestrial was hot. His face may be a combo of Jason from 'Halloween' and the skeleton from 'The Night Before Christmas,' but he's totally ripped. But it looks like the only reason we think he's (or "it's") hot stuff is because the man underneath all that makeup and costume is hot.

Thanks to a string of photos left by Reddit user RaineyRainey1000 on Imgur, we finally got a closeup look at the man beneath the costume. His name is Daniel Twiss (but for stage purposes calls himself Daniel James), and he's a male model and part-time actor.

"It was a pretty quick casting by all accounts," Twiss told the blog If Ok in an interview. "I got a call the next day saying the casting director loved me and I got the part. I guess I just look like a good alien."

Apparently it takes 10 hours of makeup work, including gluing "27 separate silicon pieces" on his body, to turn into the hot alien we remember from the screen. Watch his transformation through the Imgur pictures below.