This is one tough dude.

Gene Penaflor, 72, somehow survived 19 days in the wild after he got lost in a forest.

Penaflor was hunting with a friend last month in Mendocino National Forest, a large nature preserve in Northern California when they got separated. Penaflor fell off a ridge and passed out. He eventually woke up and tried to get out of the forest, but became disoriented.

Efforts to draw the attention of a passing helicopter failed over the next few days, so Penaflor was forced to channel his inner mountain man by living on the land, including chowing down on squirrels, lizards, snakes and algae. He kept himself warm by using leaves and grass as a blanket, which was essential since the temperature dipped to 25 degrees on some nights.

Penaflor was rescued this past Saturday when hunters in the area heard him calling for help. He was brought to a hospital where his son says he is in good condition.