We’ve seen old men battle it out on the athletic field, but now we hear about old men battling it out at checkout.

Police in Punta Gorda, Florida arrested William Golladay, 77, after he attacked a 65-year-old man for putting too many items on the conveyor belt at the express lane at Walmart last weekend.

Golladay became incensed when he noticed the man – who was in a motorized scooter – put more items on the belt than is allowed. Golladay began screaming, but the victim tried to ignore him. When Golladay kept shouting, the man went to plan B: he started screaming back.

Golladay then retaliated by ramming his shopping cart into the victim, hurting the man’s elbow.

Store officials ushered Golladay out of the store, but he came back in showing his fists, forcing employees to walk him out again before he was eventually cuffed and whisked to jail.

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