Here's the power of positive thinking for you: in 2008, LMFAO titled its debut EP 'Party Rock,' and earlier this year, they scored a massive worldwide hit single with 'Party Rock Anthem.'

Now, they're the life of the party, and they've got the cover of Billboard to prove it.

The electro-pop duo, which consists of Motown family scions Stefan and Skyler Gordy, a.k.a. Redfoo and SkyBlu, sat down for an interview with the music trade, looking back on the whirlwind of party rocking that led them to write the songs for their hit album, 'Sorry for Party Rocking.'

"We’ve had a lot of experience as the party starters, the life of the party, that we didn’t when we released ‘Party Rock,’" explained SkyBlu. "Like being able to spray champagne all over everyone and they love it and don’t want to fight you. When people expect that from you, it’s a whole different experience. So that really led us to write this album."

As for the album title? It might sound like a tongue-in-cheek joke, but, according to the duo, it's actually a serious apology to their neighbors. "I’ve had the police called to my house nine times, Foo’s had the police called to his house," said SkyBlu. "We just party and we’re always making music and just having fun with our friends. So we just basically say, ‘Hey, sorry that our party might be keeping you from falling asleep. But at the end of the day, we’re not gonna stop.’ We are nice people, so we will apologize. But we’re going to keep the party going."

LMFAO's label, Interscope, intends to keep the party going at radio, promises manager Ian Fletcher. "The consensus is that ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ has five singles. That’s superstar mentality. Like a Katy Perry. Some people get one or two singles and they’re on to the next. The label feels we have five."