Athletes are always looking for an edge in their game, and the latest craze has both pro and amateur players taking a dip inside nitrogen-chilling metal chambers as part of what's called "cryotherapy treatment." According to the Los Angeles Times, this form of therapy speeds muscle recovery and reduces inflammation after workouts or surgery.

It's similar to cooling off inside of an ice bath after a grueling workout. Patients keep their heads outside the chamber, and wear gloves and socks to ward off frostbite.

Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzi, Tyson Gay, C.J. Wilson and others have all subscribed to the treatments at times. But it's not for the cash-conscious. Ice sauna treatment costs about $70 a session, which typically last about 2.5 minutes.

"I hate the ice bath. Absolutely hate it. It's the worst thing in the world," Wilson said. "I surf, so I'm used to cold water, but there's just something about sitting in that thing I always hated. But this thing, it's cool, and you're dry so you feel OK after three or four minutes."

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