Kenny Powers from HBO's hit series 'Eastbound and Down' -- played by Danny McBride -- has taken over as CEO at K-Swiss in this new viral ad campaign. How do you run a company like Kenny Powers?

By employing the the toughest athletes in sports as your chiefs of staff to promote the training shoe of the future,  'K-Swiss Tubes.'

Kenny obviously has a lot of pull in the sports world, being a fictitious ex-sports hero with stars like NFL's Matt Cassel, Patrick Willis, wrestling's Ray Mysterio, MMA's John "Bones" Jones, and 'The Biggest Loser‘s' Jillian Michaels working as his chiefs of staff, but it may come as a surprise to know Michael Bay, the director of 'Transformers,' is doing his part to help out, as well.

Check out the video below, but be warned, it ain't exactly safe for work.



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