Well, it looks like Justin Bieber is stepping up his music career by rapping in a feature spot on Chris Brown‘s upcoming mixtape, ‘Boy in Detention.’

Earlier this week Bieber tweeted about his new hip-hop skills. “Did a lil something on the upcoming @chrisbrown mixtape.. Ladies love me. then we got crazy on the @asherroth album. #shawtymane." What exactly does "#shawtymane" mean? It's the teenage heartthrob's new alter-rapping ego.

For a little teaser of Shawty Mane's rapping abilities, check out  ‘Speaking in Tongues," which he released under his new alias. “So I’m a raptor, tearin’ it up like a tractor / Matter fact, I’m killin this track, you’re a slacker / Sack like a sacker, hello Mr. Brady.” What do you think? Does he have what it takes?

Brown and Bieber definitely have musical chemistry, which we saw a few months ago at Bieber's concert when the two performed 'Look at Me Now.' Bieber even flaunted his rapping skills when he took on Busta Rhymes' part. In addition, the two joined forces on the song 'Next to You,' featured on Brown's 'F.A.M.E.' album.

It doesn't seem like Bieber is going to stop rapping anytime soon. He also revealed he is working on a future project with rapper Asher Roth.

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