And how much do you get done in 24 hours? Chances are not as much as Justin Bieber, although in this case that's not a good thing.

On Monday, the teen idol waltzed through a local airport in Poland after performing a show and did so without a 14-degree weather. He did so of his own accord, not because security requested it. The Biebs then flew home to L.A. and was involved in a heated dispute with a neighbor in his Calabasas neighborhood over a car.

Apparently, a Ferrari was delivered in the middle of the night and once Bieber arrived from Europe, he was recklessly driving the new wheels, endangering the locals and making a lot of noise. The neighbor complained and accused Bieber of threatening and battering him, saying the teen had made physical contact.

Bieber's people deny those claims.

The case is currently being investigated and the Biebs is due back in Europe for more tour dates in a few days.