Well, so much for that: A judge ruled Thursday that Lindsay Lohan was only guilty of 'extremely poor judgment' after she tested positive last week for alcohol.

Judge Stephanie Sautner also banned Lohan, who is currently under house arrest after she was accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace, from a jewelry store in California and from having parties at her house. She is now only allowed to have "one friend over at a time, and your family, should you want them. That is it."

Earlier this month, cameras snapped Lohan throwing a rooftop barbeque with friends.

According to Access Hollywood, Lohan was not in violation of her parole, as she was never ordered not to drink.

Still, that didn't stop Saunter from putting Lohan in her place.

"You knew I was unhappy with house arrest and yet you had a party on your roof? "How dumb is that… I’m sure you and I will be very happy if we never have to see each other again," she said.

“Do you want to get on with your life?” she asked. To which Lohan replied, "Yes, I do."

So do we.