A quarter-century of steel horse riding can't be good for your joints, but it was a rain-soaked concert stage that slowed down Jon Bon Jovi recently, leading to a torn MCL that put him under the knife.

Bon Jovi discussed the injury during an interview with 'Extra,' recalling, "It was raining; we were outside...it just sort of gave out and tore. Fortunately, we have a week off. So the doctor claims I’ll be alright for Istanbul eight days later."

In a post-surgery tweet, Jon's brother, Matt, told followers that the procedure "went great" and assured everyone that "all is well."

During the 'Extra' interview, Jon also touched on the recent stint in rehab spent by his longtime guitarist and artistic foil Richie Sambora, saying, "He’s doing great. There’s dark clouds in everybody’s worlds and he came through them. He’s doing well. He’s happy, he’s healthy and he’s focused."

Bon Jovi will resume its tour on July 8 in Istanbul, the start of a string of dates that will take them across Europe throughout the month.

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