In most American cities, it's been getting harder to sell a house for a few years now -- and the buyer's market can be difficult to navigate even if you're one of country's top hitmakers.

That's the lesson learned by John Rich, who's taking no chances when it comes to selling his first Nashville residence -- which, as luck would have it, sits next door to his current home.

"Who wants to be my neighbor? I’m selling the 1st house I ever bought! Full of history!" tweeted Rich on Wednesday, directing potential buyers to the aptly named website According to Rich, the house's new owner will be living in a piece of Nashville history; he says Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban are just a few of the big names that have entered its doors.

"This is my house. This is the first house I ever bought. I’m very attached to this house," Rich says. "I know there’s somebody out there that needs to live here, and somebody out there that wants to be my neighbor. I hope that somebody that really loves country music buys it and moves in."

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