Poor John Daly.

The golfer thought he had won a brand new Hyundai Equus after hitting a hole-in-one at the 154-yard par-3 seventh hole at the Humana Challenge pro-am at Pro West on Monday.

One small problem: it turns out it was actually his second shot. His ace came courtesy of a Callaway 9-iron, which he liked:

I didn't even look at the shot. I leaned over to get my tee and was telling the Callaway representative that it felt pretty good. He said, 'Good, because it just went in the hole.'"

It seems, however, that Daly had already teed off with another club during a practice shot on the hole, meaning he wouldn't be driving off with the $60,000 car.

That's a real bummer, since Daly, a two-time major champion on the PGA Tour, had said, "Trust me, with three kids I will put the new Hyundai to good use."