Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, who was found guilty last week on dozens of counts of child sexual abuse, had been prepared to take the stand in his own defense during his trial -- until he learned his adopted son Matt was ready to testify that his father had molested him as a child.

Publicly, Matt steadfastly stood by his dad as the accusations flew in recent months, and even told a grand jury Jerry had never touched him inappropriately. But privately, he'd recently met with prosecutors and told them that he too had been one of Sandusky's victims.

Warning: Some of these details might be too unsuitable for some readers.

In a taped interview with Pennsylvania police, Matt, 33, said Jerry would enter his bedroom at night and “blow raspberries” on his stomach, then move his hand and rub his genitals. Matt said he became so fearful of the encounters that he would sometimes cower “in a fetal position” in his bed trying to avoid his father.

Prosecutors were prepared to use Matt as a rebuttal witness if Jerry had testified in his own defense. When Jerry learned this, one of his attorneys, Karl Rominger, said it was a "complete shock" and the first time he'd seen his client "visibly shaken or upset.” Rominger also said Matt's planned testimony was the main reason Jerry decided not to take the stand himself.

Still, some have expressed doubts about Matt's swift about-face, with Rominger saying, "He told the police 'no,' he told our investigator, 'no,' he told the A.G.’s office 'no,' he told the grand jury 'no.' And then one day in the middle of the trial he suddenly says, 'All these things happened'?”

Matt said he's been working with a therapist and remembering things he'd previously blocked out, adding, “I came forward... for different reasons, [but mainly to give my family] closure and see what the truth actually is. And just to right the wrong, honestly, of going to the grand jury and lying.”

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