JCPenney hopes to scalp the competition while contributing to a society of cleaner cut children with the company recently announcing plans to offer another round of free haircuts for children.

According to CEO Ron Johnson, beginning in November, J.C. Penney will offer kids from kindergarten through the sixth grade free haircuts every Sunday.

The campaign is a follow-up to JCPenney’s wildly successful free haircuts for back-to-school promotion. Some 1.6 million complimentary haircuts were doled out for that back in August.

Since coming aboard the JCPenney team last year, Johnson has announced several new plans geared at pulling the troubled retail chain’s head above water.

In addition to launching specialty shops for specific brands, Johnson has also simplified store pricing structures, as well as implemented new ways to help the company reduce cost, such as installing self-checkout counters in all JCPenney stores by 2014.

Johnson certainly has his work cut out for him. JCPenney stocks have taken a plunge this year -- down 18 percent -- along with a reported second quarter loss of $147 million.


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