Since getting rid of 'The Secret Circle,' The CW is looking to fill it's spot with a re-imagining of 'Beauty and the Beast.' Here's the kicker -- Jay Ryan plays the beast, but he's not all that monstrous. In fact, in true CW style, he only has a slight scar on his cheek as to maintain his hotness factor.

In all honestly, this show looks like the biggest load of dog dookie we've ever seen -- a stinky combination of 'Teen Wolf,' 'Law and Order' and 'The Hulk' with a cast that looks like they walked straight off the '90210' set -- but we'll give anything a try as long as it has at least one hot guy in it. Though, Ryan isn't just any hot guy. He's from New Zealand where he made a name for himself on the soap opera-y show 'Offspring' (which even we had to look up, so don't feel bad for not knowing anything about it).

If you feel like taking a chance on The CW's latest heinous crime against television, then by all means go for it when the show premieres this fall. Otherwise, just take a gander at Jay Ryan below.