Jason Aldean seems to have this "country music" thing in the bag -- he is the genre's best-selling artist of the year, after all. So, what's next?

It sounds like a jump to Hollywood could be in the cards for the 'Dirt Road Anthem' singer, who recently revealed that he's been getting scripts -- and considering a spot in front of the cameras.

"“It just so happens we actually just got a movie script pitched to us about a month or so ago," said Aldean. "It’s one of those things that I would want to ease into, maybe try it out, have a couple small parts or something, just to see if it’d be something that I’d even be interested in."

But he isn't looking to take just any part. As he put it, "I’m very particular about the kind of music that I record and sing, and it would be the same way about the kind of movies that I would do."

And one major no-no, apparently, is love scenes: "That’s Mama’s rule right there. But also, it’s not something that I would do anyway … I don’t want my kids to see that and be confused. It seems like every time I get a video treatment, for some reason, it’s got me hooking up with some girl and I’m like, ‘Damn, y’all gotta get somebody else to do that.’"

Aldean's latest album, 'My Kinda Party,' was released last November and has since been certified platinum.

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