Fans of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert are literally singing his praises.

An act called Rick Singleberry & The Casual Lovers has come out with a song called ‘Blaine Gabbert: The Real American’ which is designed to get you pumped up for the QB’s play. The song is a remake of a tune Hulk Hogan used to walk into the ring, a video of which you can see below.

The accompanying video for Gabbert is filled with clips of his highlights of him playing for the Jaguars. Considering the Jags are one of the NFL’s most anonymous teams and the jury is still out on whether Gabbert can lead the team to an above-.500 record, let alone the postseason, we say this video is somewhat premature – not to mention downright weird.

If Gabbert gets his own tune, we'd love to hear one for Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck, since they've been in the league for a shorter time and have already had more success.

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